Stored Product Pests

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Bug heat treatment has been used since the 1900s as an effective strategy to manage stored product pests.

This effective, safe, and environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals is increasingly becoming popular due to consumers’ preference for pesticide-free products, global environmental/regulatory concerns, and increased insect resistance to chemicals.

Heat remains an effective alternative to ozone depleting fumigants like methyl bromide (Montreal Protocol, US Clean Air Act) and other fumigants with high GWP (global warming potential).

Thermal Remediation® from TEMP-AIR has invested in collaborative research projects with universities to further enhance this viable, non-chemical alternative for effective Integrated Pest Management.

Patented Process & Advantages:

The Thermal Remediation® patented process uses 100% outside air to create positive pressure within the structure being heat-treated while managing the hot air flow using a configuration of high temperature, ductwork, fans, and a real-time wireless temperature monitoring system. Our process involves raising the internal temperature of the structure between 120-140°F.

Some of the distinct advantages of heat are:

  • Heat kills all the life stages from eggs to adults
  • Heat is non-chemical, non-corrosive and non-residual
  • Untreated areas may remain operational
  • Heat allows shorter treatment times, low downtime, and higher productivity
  • No extensive sealing is required
  • Heat is environmentally friendly and cost effective
  • Heat treatments allow the identification of pockets of infestation, enabling
    post-heat corrective treatment on cracks and crevices.
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