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Spokane family receives gift of bed bug extermination

Briana Bermensolo – KREM – December 19, 2014

Our customers sure are getting into the holiday spirit. Way to go Pointe Pest Control on giving this family the priceless gift of having a bed bug free home for the holidays!

Penn Study Shows Bed Bugs Can Transmit Parasite that Causes Chagas Disease

Steve Graff – Penn Medicine – November 17, 2014

A Penn Medicine study shows that bed bugs are able to transmit a parasite that causes Chagas disease.

Moving? Don’t Want To Take The Bed Bugs? This Inflatable Tent Kills ‘Em Dead

Stephanie Meacham - Landmark Creations – October 22, 2014

Landmark Creations provided a case study on the inflatable bed bug heat chambers they are building for us showcasing the creative application in their Autumn 2014 newsletter.

Businesses Not Required to Notify Residents of Bed Bugs

Sarah Barwacz - CBS-58 – September 26, 2014

Does the city you live in require businesses to notify patrons of current bed bug infestations?

Temp-Air Announces First Thermal Remediation Bed Bug Conference

Amanda Rahn - – September 17, 2014

Thermal Remediation® from Temp-Air, Inc. will host its first ever educational conference on the topics of current bed bug research and treatment methods. Guest speakers will include Dr. Austin M. Frishman, Dr. Stephen Kells, Mr. Jeff White, Mr. Paul Bello, and more!

Trouble Brewing for Insecticides?

Jennifer R. Gordon, Mark H. Goodman, Michael F. Potter and Kenneth F. Haynes  – – June 24, 2014

University of Kentucky study is “the first verification of decreased susceptibility to combination insecticides as a result of selection.”

Bedbugs Attack at Manayunk Movie Theater, Lawsuit Claims

Alex Wigglesworth  – – June 19, 2014

Woman sues for approximately $50,000 due to damages she experienced associated with a bedbug attack at a movie theater.

Bed Bugs Force Hospital Waiting Room To Close

Jehan Sheikh and Tom Schultheis – KY3 – June 11, 2014

Bug Zero heat treated the Cox South Hospital in order to get the waiting room re-opened!

Bedbugs in Ambulances? Environmental Heat Solutions Warns Public About Bed Bugs Found in Ambulances

Scot Small – SBWIRE – May 23, 2014

Environmental Heat Solutions addresses the issue of bed bugs making an appearance in ambulances.

Bed Bug Outbreak at Children’s Hospital of Georgia Contained

By Jerome Collins – WRDW-TV News 12 – May 14, 2014

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 pest control companies was called on by a hospital facility in regards to bed bugs in the year 2012? Click here to learn about a hospital in Augusta, GA and their fight to get rid of the critters.

Environmental Heat Solutions Warns That Bed Bug Cases Could Rise Due to Increase in Travel and Lack of Awareness

Press Release – SBWIRE – May 2, 2014

Environmental Heat Solutions is spreading awareness about the rise of bed bug infestations and the reasons behind them.

Boston’s Winning War Vs. Bedbugs

By Marie Szaniszlo – Boston Herald – March 16, 2014

Bedbug complaints have decreased by 16% over the past year in the city of Boston. Thermal Remediation service provider Environmental Health Services, Inc. does their part to fight the bugs by ridding a disabled veteran’s home of the critters for free!

Cold Winter Killing Some NYC Pests (But Not Bed Bugs, Sorry)

By Stacey Delikat – Fox 5 News New York – March 4, 2014

This winter’s extreme cold temperatures have acted as a natural pest control for a variety of pests but according to entomologist Louis Sorkin the prolonged chilly temperatures this season have not affected NYC’s bed bug population at all.

Bedbugs Are Back In Tri-Cities

By Loretto J. Hulse – Tri-City Herald – February 1, 2014

Bedbugs are back in the Tri-Cities and Thermal Remediation provider Pointe Pest Control is helping fight the battle!

Study Reveals Seasonal Pattern for Bed Bug Infestations

By – January 14, 2014

Can you guess the month that bed bugs infestations are the most prevalent? What about the month with the lowest reported level of infestations?

Pest Control Company Clears Bed Bugs As A Holiday Gift

By Othello Richards – – December 19, 2013

Thermal Remediation equipment is featured in this KREM 2 News segment in Spokane Valley, WA. Great job Pointe Pest Control for making this family’s holiday season a lot brighter!

The Bed Bug Baker

By Chad Elmore – Diesel Progress – December 2013

Thermal Remediation is featured in Diesel Progress magazine in the “Innovative Uses Of Horsepower” section of the December 2013 issue since we use diesel engines in the fight against bed bugs.

Bed Bugs: One Colorado Family Getting The Gift Of Free Pest Extermination For The Holidays

By Melanie Asmar – Westword – December 4, 2013

In the spirit of the season, Thermal Remediation provider EnviroPest participated in Taking the Bite Out of the Holidays last week by providing a free bed bug heat treatment to a family in need that was suffering from a bed bug infestation.

Bedbug Protection in Hotels: Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Bedbugs While on Vacation

By John Matarese – WCPO 9 – November 7, 2013

With vacation-filled winter holidays quickly approaching, General Manager Kurt Scherzinger of Scherzinger Pest Control provides tips on checking for bedbugs upon arrival at your next hotel stay.

Seattle Pest Control Company Donates Bed Bug Removal Service to Providence Hospice of Seattle Patient

By BusinessWire – September 25, 2013

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies helps REACH program participant rid apartment of bed bugs.

Wil-Kil Pest Control’s Brookfield Bed Bug Boot Camp September 17 to Discuss Statewide Challenges and Solutions

By Julie – Brookfield Now – September 12, 2013

Wil-Kil Pest Control to host a free bed bug boot camp session September 17, 2013 in honor of National Bed Bug Awareness Month.

Scientists Explain How Bed Bugs Shrug Off Pesticides

By American Chemical Society – – September 9, 2013

Bed bug genes protecting against insecticides were a hot topic at the American Chemical Society National Meeting held earlier this month in Indianapolis.

Grey County Winning Bedbug Battle

By Owen Sound Sun Times – September 4, 2013

OWEN SOUND – Grey County is winning its years-long bedbug battle by literally turning up the heat on the indomitable pests.

Bedbug Reports Skyrocket in Milwaukee Area, Nationally

By Gitte Laasby and Karen Herzog – Journal Sentinel – September 1, 2013

Bedbug infestations, something even five-star hotel patrons encounter, have been called a “pandemic,” and although they don’t carry bacteria or diseases, they leave quite a mark.

New N.H. Law Targets the Itchy Problem of Bed Bug Infestations

By Ben Leubsdorf – Concord Monitor – August 25, 2013

A New Hampshire state law will go into effect January 1, 2014 requiring “that reasonable measures be taken to promote prompt and effective remediation” of bed bug infestations.

Bedbug Infestations on the Rise in Biddeford

By Gillian Graham – Kennebec Journal – August 19, 2013

Ralph Blumenthal of Atlantic Pest Solutions gives advice on how to prevent bed bugs from spreading.

Bed Bugs Booming in Wilmington

By Ben Powell – – August 14, 2013

Bug-N-A-Rug owner Stan Hollingsworth is interviewed in this WECT 6 news story.

Bed Bugs Banished: A Look Inside a Kalamazoo Home Undergoing Heat Treatment

By Mark Bugnaski – – August 14, 2013

KALAMAZOO, MI — Bed bugs are battling for their life inside a home in the Vine Neighborhood.

Environmental Heat Solutions LLC Announces New Advertising Partnership with HOA Management (.com)

By Press Release – PRWEB – August 8, 2013

HOA Management (.com) is proud to announce a new advertising partnership with Environmental Heat Solutions LLC. EHS Specializes in Bedbugs and offers K-9 Inspections for detection and Thermal Heat Remediation for bedbug treatments.

Do You Know If Bed Bugs Are In Your Home?

By Jorge Lopez – News 12 – August 5, 2013

Armor Exterminating of Augusta, GA uses Thermal Remediation equipment to get rid of unwanted bed bugs in this News 12 story.

JP Pest Services Helps Homeless Man Dealing With Bed Bugs

By PCT – July 31, 2013

What an outstanding act of kindness demonstrated by one of our Thermal Remediation service providers!

Temp-Air Portable Heaters Put A Lethal Air Strike On Nasty Bedbugs

By PowerSource A Publication of John Deere Power Systems – July 22, 2013

Bedbugs have no chance when confronted with Temp-Air portable heating packages.

Good Night, Sleep Tight: Bed Bugs on the Rise

By – July 14, 2013

After several decades of near eradication, bed bugs are making a comeback.

Bedbug problem in Wis. County Not Going Away

By The Associated Press – July 13, 2013

APPLETON, Wisconsin — Ongoing complaints about bedbugs in Outagamie County suggest the problem may not be going away any time soon.

Local Pest Control Company Says Bed Bugs On The Rise

By Emily Valerio – WQOW – June 25, 2013

A local pest control company says the more we travel, the more the bed bugs will bite. Wil-Kil pest control in Eau Claire says it’s been getting more calls to get rid of bed bugs.

Landlord Ordered to Pay Tenant $800K Over Bedbug Infestation

By Lylah M. Alphonse – Yahoo! Shine – June 3, 2013

One landlord failed to disclose the building’s bedbug issue to a new tenant and opted for ineffective home remedies instead.

Sprague Pest Solutions Expands Portland Service Center

By GIE Media, Inc. – – April 23, 2013

The new service center features a training center, fumigation chamber and more.

New Bed Bug Survey Shows Problem is Not Waning; Bed Bug Awareness Week Calls for Attention

By NPMA Staff – – April 15, 2013

National Pest Management Association and University of Kentucky find nearly all pest professionals in the U.S. have treated bed bugs in the past year; most in residential settings.

Absolute Pest Management Launches Campaign to Eliminate Bedbugs and Future Outbreaks

By Tony Ragan – SBWire – April 8, 2013

Absolute Pest Management Is Among First In Texas To Offer Thermal Remediation.

Bed Bugs Display Multiple Layers of Resistance to Pesticides

By Press Release – ENEWSPF – March 26, 2013

Scientists are learning more about the mechanisms bed bugs have developed to increase their resistance to the increasingly common class of pyrethriod pesticides.

Alliance Environmental Group Enhances Thermal Remediation Services

By Roxana Zenkel – PRWEB – January 31, 2013

Alliance Environmental Group, Inc. acquires leading-edge equipment to better service infectious control and insect contamination needs.

Mobile Trailers Target Bed Bugs

By Naoibh O’Connor – Vancouver Courier – August 15, 2012

BC Housing (British Columbia Housing Management Commission) purchased two Thermal Remediation® trailer units to combat bed bugs at its Lower Mainland sites. Prior to the purchase, they checked out Edmonton’s operation and discovered it had saved a substantial amount of money and reduced repeat problems.

Good Night, Bed Bugs

By Kevin Yanik – LP Gas Magazine – August 1, 2012

Bed bugs were the cover story for the August 2012 issue of LP Gas Magazine. The article, featuring the Thermal Remediation® EBB-40KW LP Trailer System, discusses how heat is gaining steam as bed bug treatment method.

Bed Bug Battle Picking Up, But Heat Treatment Proving Effective

By Linda Russell – KY3 Springfield, MO – June 22, 2012

Thermal Remediation® equipment owner, Bug Zero, is featured in this news clip using heat to kill bed bugs in a travel trailer. They show how bed bugs are extremely susceptible to high temperatures with a sample of healthy bugs that were killed in just one minute.

Thermal Remediation Equipment Added to Propane Exceptional Product Program

By Thermal Remediation from TEMP-AIR – March 27, 2012

Temp-Air’s Thermal Remediation® EBB-40KW LP Trailer bed bug heat treatment equipment package has been chosen to be a part of the Propane Education and Research Council’s (PERC) Exceptional Product Program – a program designed to encourage businesses to adopt new propane-fueled technologies for residential and commercial use. Financial incentives are being offered.

Temp-Air Prevails in Infringement Suit with Thermapure

By Thermal Remediation from TEMP-AIR – November 30, 2011

Under a settlement between Temp-Air and Thermapure, on November 23, 2011 the federal district court in Minnesota entered a consent judgment agreed to by Thermapure that Thermapure’s two patents were not infringed by Temp-Air.

Area Hotels Work to Avoid the Bedbugs’ Bite

By Trevon Milliard – Las Vegas Review-Journal – May 15, 2011

In this article, Bed Bug Thermal Solutions heat-treats a Henderson, NV hotel room using Thermal Remediation® equipment. General Manager Todd Nelson says they have more bed bug jobs than they can handle.

Heat Treatment Process Spells Curtains for Bedbugs

By Harry Eagar – The Maui News – May 7, 2011

Ed Locascio of TEMP-AIR was interviewed by the Maui News while training Mid Pacific Pest Control on how to use their Thermal Remediation® bed bug heat treatment equipment. Thermal Remediation® equipment was approved for use in Hawaii in March of 2011 by the state departments of Agriculture and Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Bed Bug Battle

By Carrie Marchese – WHNT News Huntsville, AL – February 22, 2011

ThermalRid, a Thermal Remediation® equipment owner, gives bed bugs a one-two punch using heat in this video feature from WHNT News.

Bed Bugs Take Over Home in Minneapolis

By Boyd Huppert – KARE 11 News Mpls-St. Paul – February 4, 2011

This video shows how Adam’s Pest Control uses Thermal Remediation® equipment to treat one of the worst bed bug infestations we’ve ever seen. This treatment was paid for through a new program called “Project Good Night,” launched by Adam’s Pest Control and Bridging Inc.

Controlling Red Flour Beetle

By Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam – Milling Journal – 4th Quarter 2010

This article compares the efficacy of heat treatments with other chemical fumigants. Thermal Remediation® equipment was used to perform three heat treatments at the Hal Ross pilot flour mill on the campus of Kansas State University.

South Florida Company Battling Bed Bugs

By Jorge Estevez – CBS 4 Miami – November 11, 2010

This video shows reporter Jorge Estevez going inside to see a bed bug heat treatment being performed by Guarantee Floridian Pest Control using Thermal Remediation® equipment.

CU Turns Up the Heat on Pests

By Jefferson Dodge – Boulder Weekly – November 11, 2010

This article explains how the University of Colorado at Boulder uses their Thermal Remediation® bed bug heat treatment system twice a week to address the rising reports of bed bugs on campus.

Bed Bugs Making a Comeback in Spokane

By Jane McCarthy – KREM 2 News Spokane, WA – October 28, 2010

This news clip features EnviroPro Pest Solution Professionals, a Thermal Remediation® equipment owner, heat-treating an apartment in Spokane, WA. This news story was awarded a 2011 Regional Edward R. Murrow award for hard news reporting.

Controlling Insects with Heat

By Karl Ohm – Milling Journal – Third Quarter 2010

Based on Dr. Raj Hulasare’s presentation given at an International Association of Operative Millers’ (IAOM) meeting, this article explains how insect heat treatments, a safe and nontoxic treatment method, are growing in popularity.

Bed Bugs Expected in More Schools

By Brian Yocono – WCSH6 Portland, ME – October 7, 2010

This video shows how Atlantic Pest Solutions is using Thermal Remediation® equipment to kill bed bugs in 2 classrooms and 2 buses at the Sabattus Elementary School in Sabattus, ME.

5 Cases of Bed Bugs at Missouri State University – Heat Treatment Helps Eradicate the Pests

By Doug Magditch – KSPR News Springfield, MO – September 14, 2010

This video shows how Missouri State University hired Schendel Pest Services to heat treat rooms on campus using Thermal Remediation® equipment.

Eewww! Bed Bugs Spread to the Suburbs

By John Yang – NBC Today Show – September 8, 2010

This video shows how Schendel Pest Services of Topeka, Kansas uses Thermal Remediation® equipment to battle bed bugs. John Yang, of NBC states that 120 degree heat is one sure way to kill the insect.

TEMP-AIR Receives Grant from PERC to Develop Propane System to Treat Bed Bugs

By Thermal Remediation from TEMP-AIR – September 3, 2010

TEMP-AIR has been awarded a grant from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) to develop and test a new Thermal Remediation® mobile, propane-fueled bed bug heat treatment system.

Chemical-Free Treatments Kill Bed Bugs with Extreme Heat

By Andrea Canning, Suzan Clarke, and Mary Pflum – ABC News Good Morning America – August 31, 2010

This video shows how the Thermal Remediation® process can kill bed bugs, while allowing belongings to be preserved. “GMA” follows Jim Skinner of A & C Pest Management into a home being heat-treated for bed bugs.

Twin Cities Bed Bug Problem Reaches Hotel Rooms

By Bill Hudson – WCCO News – August 30, 2010

WCCO news reporter Bill Hudson steps into the 120 degree heat being applied by Plunkett’s Pest Control to battle a bed bug infestation. The news report states that fighting bed bugs takes a lot of money…and a lot of heat.

Exterminators Turning Up the Heat on Bed Bugs

By Danielle Frizzi – Fox 8 News Cleveland – August 24, 2010

This video shows Steve Kmetz of Certified Pest Control, a Thermal Remediation® service provider, using the chemical-free thermal technique to eliminate bed bugs in a home in Painesville, OH.

The Most Diffucult, Challenging Pest Problem of Our Generation

By Marie McCullough – Philadelphia Inquirer – August 15, 2010

Across America, bed bugs are biting. This article states how although pesticides are still an important part of the arsenal, a few companies, such as Thermal Remediation® service provider, Cooper Pest Solutions, are offering a big new weapon – heat.

New Weapon Aimed at Bed Bugs

By Jim Swift – KXAN Austin, TX – July 22, 2010

This video shows how Pest Management, Inc, uses Thermal Remediation® equipment to kill bed bugs at a University of Texas area housing co-op.

Increase in Bed Bugs Popping up at Tri-State Summer Camps, Dorms & Homes

By Kimberly Holmes – Fox 19 Cincinnati, OH – July 21, 2010

Technicians at Scherzinger Pest Control have done over 1000 bed bug treatments since March of this year. Using Thermal Remediation® equipment, they perform a process they call “heatigation” to kill the pesky insects.

CU-Boulder Deals with the Onset of Bed Bugs

By Brittany Anas – Boulder County Daily Camera – July 20, 2010

To address bed bug infestations, the university purchased Thermal Remediation® equipment. Craig Schuck, manager for maintenance and grounds with CU’s Housing and Dining Services believes the treatment is highly effective.

Thermal Remediation® Releases New Bed Bug Heater

By Thermal Remediation® from TEMP-AIR – June 15, 2010

TEMP-AIR is proud to announce the release of the newly redesigned EBB-460V, a lighter, narrower, and more efficient Thermal Remediation® electric bed bug heater.

Bed Bugs Biting Their Way Back Into Tri-State Homes

WGEM-TV (IL-MO-IA) – May 20, 2010

In this video, Mike Scholes of Reliable Pest Solutions, a Thermal Remediation® equipment owner, explains how they kill bed bugs with 130°F heated air.

Making a Green Killing

By David Twiddy – Kansas City Business Journal – May 7, 2010

Schendel Pest Services uses Thermal Remediation® heaters as an environmentally friendly and effective way to manage bed bugs.

Bed Bug Battle Heats up in Downtown Buildings

By Hannah Pickett – KCCI-TV 8 Des Moines, IA – April 22, 2010

This video shows Preferred Pest Control heat-treating a retirement home using Thermal Remediation® equipment. The building had been unsuccessfully treated with traditional chemicals for over a year.

No Easy Battle Against Bed Bugs

By Abby Simons – Star Tribune – January 2, 2010

The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority is using Thermal Remediation® bed bug heat treatment equipment to control infestations throughout their properties.

Firm Kills Bed Bugs With Heat

By Peggy O’Farrell – The Cincinnati Enquirer – December 11, 2009

Rose Pest Solutions, a Thermal Remediation® bed bug heat treatment service provider, is featured treating an apartment in Westwood, OH. The latest technique to eliminate a stubborn pest has bed bugs feeling the heat – and dying.

The Heat is On

By Brian Richesson – LP Gas Magazine – July 2007

The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) partners with TEMP-AIR for research on a mobile unit to rid on-farm storage structures of pests.

Thermal Remediation® is Featured on Bed Bug Central TV

By Jeff White – Bed Bug Central TV – July 22, 2009

Bed Bug Central TV is a website dedicated to the exploration and demonstration of bed bug treatment methods run by Entomologists Richard Cooper and Jeff White. In episode #29, White performs a heat treatment for bed bugs and explains how the Thermal Remediation® mobile heating system works.

Key Findings on Bed Bug Behavior at Lethal and Sub-Lethal Temperatures

By Dr. Raj Hulasare – Thermal Remediation® from TEMP-AIR – May 2009

Summary of research performed in collaboration with Dr. Stephen A. Kells of the University of Minnesota, funded by the Propane Education and Research Council.

EPA Tackles Bed Bug Problem

By Tom Costello – NBC Today Show – April 15, 2009

This video shows that the Environmental Protection Agency has called for a Bed Bug Summit to discuss solutions for the growing problem. Connor’s Pest Control is shown using Thermal Remediation® heat treatment equipment in a hotel room.

Bed Bugs a Costly Nuisance Near U

By Alex Ebert – The Minnesota Daily – March, 11, 2009

As bed bug problems grow, a controversy builds around who will pay to rid homes of the pests. This article discusses treatment methods, including the TEMP-AIR bed bug heat treatment equipment, and the costs involved.