Bed Bugs

To battle insecticide-resistant bed bugs, TEMP-AIR is offering a line of Thermal Remediation® electric bed bug heat treatment equipment, an effective solution designed specifically for the needs of pest control professionals, hotels, universities, and property management companies – from stand-alone portable electric packages to complete, integrated trailer systems.

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Why Choose Temp-Air?

  1. 360 customers/550 systems operating across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean.
  2. Most complete turnkey package on the market.
  3. Electric heaters specifically designed to eradicate bed bugs and UL listed as an insect control device.

Features & Benefits

Controlled application of heat. The Thermal Remediation® heaters are thermostatically controlled not to exceed 135°F and the heated air is discharged in all four directions at the floor. All other heaters either discharge in only one direction or are too short to capture the heated air at the ceiling. Controlled App
Damage free results. Safe to leave potentially infested electronics and other contents in the space being heated. More BTU’s DOES NOT equal success.  Damage Free
Air flow management. Accomplished through high CFM heaters and fans. Managed air flow and heat circulation DOES equal success.  Air Flow
Real time wireless monitoring. Technician is able to remotely monitor treatment space up to 800′ away. Detailed report is generated at the conclusion of the job. Available in 12 to 100 wireless sensor packages.  Real Time
Flexibility and mobility. Single main power cable runs multiple heaters and can reach up to 800′ from generator to unit being heat treated. Optional Temp-Air built custom trailer houses all of your equipment, including the generator, which can be easily pulled with a full size truck.  Flex
Single technician operation. Heaters and cables were designed to be handled by a single person, even when going up flights of stairs.  Single
Application and technical training. Included with purchase at Temp-Air’s facility in Minnesota.  Application And

What Our Customers Think

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